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Sustainable Lifestyle on the North Fork

NorthForkFarmlandIf you live in an agricultural community, you are aware of the rewards and benefits as your livelihood depends on the weather and our environment. This means that whether you are a farmer or an inn keeper and mother nature controls whether or not you will survive.

Because living and working in an agricultural area depends on the weather and its effect on the land, sea and air; one’s awareness of the environment is heightened. One’s resolve regarding the environment moves beyond that of “cause” to that of survival.

As a community, we question: What about aquatic life, soil nutrients, water quality, health of eco-system, viability of farm life, education of youth? What does this all mean for the general sustainability of a community that gives sustenance and life to the urban populations that surround it?

It brings to light that saving the world starts with educating ourselves and our children on the importance of preserving our agricultural and maritime communities so that all humanity may survive and thrive.

This column is dedicated to all lifestyle topics that discuss sustainability and the people and efforts that protect and promote the nurturing of our environment. From topics of farming, nutrition, energy alternatives, sustainable building and design to school gardens and energy efficient vehicles and appliances, we will strive to bring you the best information and welcome your comments and inquiries.


The Editor

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